Concierge Medicine Clinic

What is a Concierge Medicine Clinic?

  • Concierge Medicine Clinics provide health care typically through clinic memberships in which primary care doctors provide medical care to patients. These practices offer same-day appointments as well as longer visits when needed. The practices also offer varying other advantages or medical services.
  • The primary care doctors also often provide a cell phone number to membership patients to allow them to connect directly with their doctor if they desire.
  • Some Concierge Medicine or Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinics offer non-membership and pay as you go options as well, but not all of them do. Some are membership based only. Some Concierge clinics accept health insurance for their services and some do not.

Is Compassion Family Medicine (CFM) a Concierge Medicine (CM) Clinic?

  • Compassion Family Medicine (CFM) is a most specifically a Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic.
  • However, we do utilize the Concierge Medicine (CM) term occasionally.  We mention the CM title or term when explaining our DPC practice or which medical services we offer. Often patients might be more familiar with the concierge title rather than DPC so it helps to use or even explain both terms when necessary. Some patients might be more familiar with DPC rather than CM as well so the inverse is true.
  • With all that said, we may not be exactly like other DPC or CM clinics. We try to offer affordable and reasonable membership prices (Compassion Plans). We also offer non-membership and pay as you go options as well. Services, hours, and other characteristics amongst each clinic may vary as well. DPC clinics do often have similar frameworks or concepts in general though, thereby allowing them to fall into the broader category itself.
  • Whether you deem us DPC, CM, or both, no matter which category or terminology you prefer to use, we are specifically a Family Medicine clinic, with a board certified Family Medicine physician, Dr. Nevin White, and we strive to provide our patients with excellent, high quality, cost-effective health care.

Additional Information and Questions:

  • For additional questions about CM or DPC or our practice at Compassion Family Medicine in general or specifically about us as a CM or DPC clinic, please feel free to Contact Us. Also, for more information, please feel free to view our page in the footer of the website called “Concierge Medicine.”
  • We welcome you to Schedule an appointment (existing patients) or Sign Up as a new patient.  You can also find additional information about how to Schedule a potential Meet & Greet or tour appointment as well.
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