Opening Soon

Compassion Family Medicine will be opening soon!

The clinic remodel is well underway and should be finished in the next couple of weeks!! We will be posting photos on our social media pages/accounts.

We are actively answering questions about the practice and Direct Primary Care (DPC) in general and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Comment below or send us a message. Common questions that we have answered so far are that we do offer memberships, but also offer non-membership, pay as you go options. Also, even though we don’t take insurance for our primary care/family medicine services, you can still use your insurance if we refer you to a specialist or send you for a lab or imaging or send a prescription to your pharmacy.

If you want to pre-enroll, let us know, and formal enrollment is coming soon!!  We will be updating our sign up/schedule page(s) soon. If you want to see more information about our clinic and practice, then see the other pages of our website, such as About, Dr. Nevin White, Services, Pricing, and more!

Also, follow us on social media via Facebook @compassionfamilymed and Instagram @compassionfamilymedicine. Check out our Pinterest page as well. Stay tuned for details about opening soon and posts about our open house event(s), launch day, and more!