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CFM News and Updates:

What’s new at Compassion Family Medicine (CFM)? Here we will provide the CFM News and Updates! 

In case you missed it, we posted a new page in the website footer (bottom of website) called “CFM At a Glance.”  We wanted to provide an opportunity for you to have a brief overview or synopsis of who Compassion Family Medicine is and what we do!  Check out this new page and the other new pages and services added to our website footer!

We will be adding more services to our clinic and website soon.  In addition to our usual Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Concierge medical services, we will be offering B12 shots and vitamin therapy, sleep therapy, weight loss medications, joint injections and more!

Also, we added a new staff member, Lisa Mahoney, this month.  She is our new Medical Receptionist and she looks forward to greeting you at our clinic and assisting with your experience with us to make sure you are well taken care of.  If you want to read more about Lisa, then see her bio page.  

Stay tuned for more CFM News and Updates.  If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us.  Also, we welcome you to schedule an appointment or sign up to become a new patient and member.  

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