Urgent Care

If you are searching for an Urgent Care Near Me, then please visit or call us at Compassion Family Medicine. We are happy to help you! We are a Direct Primary Care (DPC), Family Medicine, and Concierge Medicine clinic. We offer monthly memberships for chronic and acute care medical problems as well as annual physical exams or yearly check-ups. But we also offer non-membership and pay as you go options and essentially function as an urgent care.

We don’t take health insurance, but we do try to make our prices fair and affordable and often are cheaper than the urgent cares and emergency medical (ER) centers in town. We can see “cash pay” patients without insurance of course, but some people that do have health insurance opt to use our services without utilizing their health insurance plan as well. If we refer you for a test or lab or specialist, then you can subsequently use your insurance in that regard.

We can help with acute sick visits and illnesses such as sore throat, strep throat, sinus infection, cough, etc. We can also help with minor lacerations, abscess drainage, UTI’s, things of that nature, and more. We don’t see high acuity cases that may be suited for a formal urgent care or ER, however, as an effort of full disclosure and transparency. We do offer in-person as well as online telemedicine and online urgent care type visits for the appropriate cases and situations if needed.

For more information on the urgent care type services we provide or even our Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Concierge Medicine services, then please feel free to contact us or see our website for more. You can read more about our prices and location and much more! We look forward to helping you and your family today! If you are ready to sign up or schedule a visit then please call our office or visit our sign up tab or schedule tab on the main menu of the website!